Whether it's his art or his music, Joseph Arthur is one prolific guy. And true to form, in January he announced his all-new double album, 'Redemption City,' was available for download (free!) just a mere seven months after the release of 'The Graduation Ceremony.'

Thanks in part to 'Redemption City,' Arthur says he was able to finish off yet another new album, this one called 'The Ballad of Boogie Christ.'

"[I had] been working on both 'Redemption City' and ['Boogie Christ'] for going on five years," Arthur said in a recent interview with Seattle radio station KEXP. Both albums, he added, "are kind of epic and conceptual, and I thought for a while [they] might be part of the same whole."

But when the 'Redemption City' album "found its feet," as Arthur puts it, releasing the 24-song collection right away — at no cost — became a priority.

"It seems as though it’s being received rather well and in the spirit of its intention," he said. "I think people can hear that it’s experimental and expansive, and the people who have followed my music are happy that I am pushing myself in those ways. Artistically, I'm most happy when I'm taking chances and pushing boundaries. In some ways I think that's what it's all about."

'Redemption City' helped to clarify 'Boogie Christ,' says Arthur, who describes the latter album as "a big production with horns and singers."

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