Joshua Radin's humble Shaker Heights, Ohio, beginnings are apparent in the hushed melodies of his campfire folk tunes. Radin picked up music after a move to New York City led to a breakthrough assisted by Zack Braff, who used the newcomer's mild, emotive songs to create atmosphere on his TV series 'Scrubs.'

A Midwestern modesty comes through loud and clear on 'Beautiful Day,' today's free MP3 download, a softhearted track with a positive vibe about making the most of, well, a beautiful day. It also seems to be a mantra for your day-to-day, or at least a piece of go-to advice to keep in your pocket for any time you meet resistance.

"There are a few things I do when I'm feeling down -- I drive to the ocean, I hike to the top of the mountain behind my house and I play music," Radin explains. "The key to life, as I've discovered, is knowing what to do when when you're feeling blue."

The song's warm chorus is perfect for singing along with friends on a chilly spring evening. Keep up with Radin here.

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