A judge has not only denied a request from Prince's siblings to relocate his vault away from the California wildfires, but warned of possible sanctions against their behavior if repeated. The vault contains master tapes of unreleased music written and recorded by Prince.

According to the Blast, the musician's siblings, who are the heirs to his estate, petitioned the court last Friday to move the contents of Prince's vault — currently located at a facility in Hollywood — fearing damage from fires that have been ravaging Southern California. But they've also objected to their placement since the move by Comerica Bank & Trust, executors of the estate, relocated it from his Paisley Park estate early this fall.

The executors opposed the siblings' move, saying the facility that houses the vault is located eight miles from the nearest fire which is already 85 percent contained, and it is not in any immediate danger. “Had the Nelsons contacted the Personal Representative prior to filing their petition, or even conducted a basic ‘Google’ search, they would have learned that the Hollywood Facility is not at any risk from wildfires," they wrote in a letter to the judge. They also noted, “the fire would need to pass through the UCLA campus, all of Beverly Hills and several miles of commercial areas in West Hollywood."

The judge called the situation a "non-issue" and ruled against Prince siblings. He also issued a letter stating, "The Court strongly condemns bringing this matter before the Court without adequate discussion between the parties and will sanction a party for doing so in the future.”

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