Juliette Commagere’s third LP may be called ‘Human,’ but the L.A. songstress’ new set of songs are entirely otherworldly in sound. The 12 tracks tackle everything from unicorns to vampires, but her sonic dreamscapes and remarkable vocals make these concepts soar rather than merely kitschy.

The one-time Hello Stranger frontwoman told ‘Interview’ magazine that the album’s lead single, ‘Big Star,’ is based on a children’s novel about a unicorn, sheep and, of course, a big star. However, the album is made of equal parts faraway inspiration and lush synth-laden song structures, all the while maintaining its accessibility. For instance, in ‘Collide,’ Commagere delivers a straightforward, but poignant sentiment when she sings, “Yes, we like to do things the hard way.”

Whether she’s singing about magical creatures or simply the complexity of relationships, ‘Human’ is really Commagere bottling her own mystique in her spacey art-pop.

Diffuser.fm is thrilled to offer the exclusive premiere of ‘Human,’ which you can stream below. Grab the album when it lands Sept. 17 via Aeronaut Records.