Although it took Kanye West two years, countless working titles and a veritable army of collaborators to release his latest, The Life of Pablo, earlier this month, West says he's already set to release another album this summer. Of course, he said it on Twitter and it was in the middle of one of his trademark rants – this time about what's wrong with the Grammys.

He began with a humble introduction: "Hi Grammys this is the most important living artist talking," then went on to say:

I don't want to just fix the awards for me but I want to fix it for Dexter Navy who directed A$AP Rocky’s LSD video. Everybody with any form of taste knows that was the best video of the year! You guys are supposed to be all about taste. You like your black people a certain way also. You wouldn't have Future perform and that man owned the clubs last summer. Has anyone at the Grammys ever heard 'March Madness'??? Yes I have a problem with the Grammys. All artists have a problem with it and I am going to fix it for us all starting right now.

First order of business. We the people need to see Future at the Grammys. We need to see Young Thug at the Grammys. Not just me and Jay in a suit. People ask why I speak in a public forum... Well my voice is my power. Freedom of speech. Freedom of opinion. Freedom of dreams. I'm not crazy I'm free. No slave mindset no more. I'm free. I'm free. I'm free."

Meanwhile last night (Feb. 23), West was at Yo Gotti's album release party at 1OAK in Los Angeles and debuted a new track labeled "Closest Thing to Einstein." In it, he addresses his alleged personal debt and Twitter controversies, then congratulates himself a little: "I know I'm the most influential / That TIME cover was just confirmation / This generation's closest thing to Einstein / But don't worry about me, I'm fine." Watch fan footage below.

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