Today (Sept. 9), we continue to unveil Katie Buchanan's live acoustic videos with the third in the series, 'At Least I.' "One Saturday in May, a videographer friend and I wandered around Red Hook, Brooklyn," the singer-songwriter says about finding the location for this song. With the latest video (above), she found herself under a bridge, singing her beautifully entrancing music in the grittiest of environments.

"There's something about competing with the volume of highway traffic that makes you give your all to a song," she explains. “'At Least I' is fairly technically demanding: lots of words, lots of chords, lots of notes. It's easy to get lost in. But adding another distraction, the highway noise, was actually supremely helpful in centering my mind where it should be."

While some musicians might be distracted by the constant traffic sounds, Buchanan almost seems to prefer it at times. "There are a lot of fun moments in this song, and it was nice, really, getting to enjoy them," Buchanan tells us. "That, and having an excuse to sing them as loudly as I can."

'At Least I' is part of Buchanan's latest five-song EP, 'Go,' and is currently available. To get details on everything happening with the Brooklyn-based artist, visit her official website here.