In the fifth installment of former Pixies' bassist Kim Deal's solo 7-inch vinyl series, she sings about a lost biker -- which sets the tone for the new music video for 'Biker Gone' (check it out above).

Directed by Lance Bangs, the video takes us into a funeral home where Deal and her Breeders bandmates -- drummer Britt Walford and Kelley Deal on bass -- work. As they facilitate a biker's wake, the band also takes moments to rock out in the middle of a bunch of caskets. Surprisingly, it's not as depressing as you may think.

"Lance came to Dayton and put a bunch of his friends in our video (Shout out Uncontrollable Women, the Posse, Made Men)," she said in a statement. "Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. I know you'll enjoy watching Britt Walford cringe through his first ever music video shoot. Congratulations Britt!"

Kim said she met up with Walford at produer Steve Albini's 50th birthday party in Chicago and asked if he would be willing to record 'Biker Gone' with her.

"I thought, g--damn, Britt's such a great drummer, and he lives in Louisville," she explained. "I wonder if he would drive up to Dayton and play a song with me. I asked him and he did drive up to my house in Dayton and we recorded a demo of 'Biker Gone' that weekend. A month later, Kelley and I met up with Britt in Chicago at Electrical Audio, and Steve recorded 'Biker Gone.'"

'Biker Gone' is available on vinyl and digitally via iTunes and Amazon. 'Beautiful Moon' is featured on its B-side. There are two version of the vinyl -- one featuring Chris Bigg's artwork while there will only be 1000 copies of the other, a white label edition. Get details on the new release here.

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