Fans of the XX are no doubt familiar with ‘VCR,’ one of the singles from the English trio’s self-titled 2009 debut. The moody original is brought to life by singers Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim, whose soft, sultry vocals -- coupled with the nostalgia-steeped bare-bones lyrics -- make the track a favorite among listeners and fellow musicians alike.

'VCR' has been covered and remixed by a wide range of acts, including the Antlers and Matthew Dear, and now Knifekick has recorded a version, which is excited to premiere. (Listen below.)

However, Knifekick's version shares little in common with the slow and steady, seductive track you fell in love with. Instead, the Polish-born, New York-based musician gives the tune new life, transforming the brooding tearjerker into an exuberant pop song.

In fact, the lyrics are really the only thing connecting the two disparate versions. Otherwise, Knifekick replaces Croft and Sim’s low, contemplative vocals and neat, drum-driven instrumentation with his nasally, infectiously upbeat voice and consistently high-energy sound.