-- The vintage tour van once driven by sludge metal legends the Melvins (which features artwork on the side that was hand-drawn by late Nirvana star Kurt Cobain) was finally sold at auction for just over $24,000. What a steal! [Loudwire]

-- The way former frontman Neil Halstead explains it these days, it seems the long-rumored reunion of '90s shoegazers Slowdive is now almost inevitable. "It’s almost like you’re not allowed not to get back together," he says of the plentiful indie reunions of late. "So, I’m sure that we will get back together -- because we won’t be allowed not to.” [MTV Hive]

-- Good to know we're not the only ones who noticed that Tom Waits and Bob Dylan are "slowly morphing into the same entity." If you don't believe it, check out Dylan's new video for 'Duquesne Whistle,' the first single off his forthcoming 'Tempest' album. [Death + Taxes]

-- Everybody loves Led Zeppelin, right? What do you think of this list of Top 10 Led Zeppelin heartbreak songs? [Ultimate Classic Rock]

-- Spoon's Brit Daniel is really digging the early days of his new side project, the Divine Fits. "I haven't started a new band in a really long time," says the 41-year-old singer. "The last time I started a new band was when I was about 22 years old, so it feels awesome for me." [Spinner]

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