A beat-up 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal van that used to belong to the Melvins with artwork by Kurt Cobain is currently available for sale on eBay, Rolling Stone is reporting.

The van was used by the Washington punk band from 1984-87, during which time a young Cobain was one of their roadies.

This is the second time the "Melvan" has been placed for sale on eBay. It was originally listed back in March, but the bidding stalled out at $99,999.99, well below Berg's reserve price of $150,000.

According to the van's owner, Ben Berg, the failure to meet the reserve price stemmed from questions about the artwork's authenticity.

Berg has since received affidavits from original bassist Matt Lukin and Steve Shillinger, another roadie, stating that the mural was drawn by Cobain.

According to Berg, the van still runs despite being 40 years old, although it could use new tires and brakes. Berg got the van from Lukin's mother, who knew of his love for the Melvins, when he was 16.

Cobain decorated the driver's side of the van with a recreation of the cover of Kiss' 1974 self-titled debut. The future Nirvana frontman also occasionally drove the van because, as Shillinger writes in his statement, "he was the most sober of the infamous drunken road crew." According to Berg, Cobain often stayed at Shillinger's house, sleeping on his parents' couch.

The auction will end Sunday, Aug. 26 at 3PM PT.