Brooklyn Americana ramblers Leland Sundries are blessed with lots of supportive friends, and tomorrow (Nov. 28), they give thanks by dropping 'Live at the Creamery,' an EP recorded back in March at a local Greenpoint studio.The set includes six songs and two stories, and according to singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton, it was a "wonderful night" that "really showcases the band's playing."

"New song 'Maps of the West' kicks it all off, inspired by the music of Spirit Family Reunion," Loss-Eaton tells "'High on the Plains' gets a Stones-y treatment. 'Airstream Transmission' gets a new psychedelic ending. 'Roller Derby Queen' is recorded as intended, Chuck Berry via NY Dolls."

Because Berry-via-Dolls-style rocking always warms the guts like green-bean casserole, is thankful for the opportunity to stream 'Creamery' in full. Scroll down, press play and grab multiple helpings of rich, rootsy goodness.