Chances are you remember the rocking Lenny Kravitz hit 'Fly Away' -- it was, after all, one of the guitar great's all-time biggest singles -- and even if you don't listen to pop music, the Katy Perry smash 'Wide Awake' is virtually unavoidable these days. But did you ever notice the similarity between the two songs?

Kravitz stormed the Billboard Hot 100 chart all the way up to No. 12 with Grammy-winning 'Fly Away,' which was the funky fourth single off his multi-platinum 1998 album, '5.' Katy Perry, meanwhile, has scored a huge hit of her own this year with 'Wide Awake,' her eighth straight Top 5 single off her 'Teenage Dream' album (the tune peaked at No. 4). The pop princess wasn't alone in penning 'Awake' -- she had a team of writers to assist her -- but we have to wonder if they had the Kravitz cut on the cranium when writing 'Awake.'

Listen to Lenny Kravitz, 'Fly Away'

Listen to Katy Perry, 'Wide Awake'

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