They may be four young dudes from Winnipeg, but Les Jupes evoke the spirit of the original post-punk wave of the late ‘70s. The Canadian quartet deliver the kind of dark yet melodically alluring songwriting acts like the Chamelons, Echo & the Bunnymen and the Comsat Angels favored three decades ago.

Les Jupes’ debut album, 'Modern Myths,' garnered praise in indie circles, and their upcoming ‘Negative Space’ EP should follow suit. Les Jupes’ frontman Michael P Falk’s vocals are a towering presence on the EP, matching the group’s driving arrangements and Adam Fuhr’s dramatic keyboard atmospherics. is thrilled to bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘Interview with a Contract Killer,’ a track off the EP.

"This is actually a fairly old song -- it was played once at a show with a different version of the band years ago but remained as a half-finished demo, and I didn't think it would ever see the light of day,” Falk tells “My friend Dave kept bugging me and bugging me about it -- it was his favorite. So, we brought it back from the dead and put it on the EP for him.”

Falk, who hits the road with the group on a West Coast tour starting Oct. 8 in Seattle, also provided us with some insight into the 'Contract Killer' lyrics.

“I've always enjoyed writing songs as movie scenes -- there's a couple on our first record and this song continues the attempt to create a painting of a scene with a song," he says. "I picture the two people sitting across from each other, uncomfortable and both a bit nervous, and what must be running through their minds."

The 'Negative Space' EP will arrive in stores on Oct. 1. Head to Les Jupes' Facebook page for all of the band's upcoming tour dates.