Garbage are ready to drop their fifth studio album, 'Not Your Kind of People,' on May 15 through their own record label STUNVOLUME. Listen to the whole record below a week before it goes on sale below.

'Not Your Kind of People' is the first release of new material from Garbage since 2005's 'Bleed Like Me.' As with previous discs from the band, it's hard to pin them down to just one genre. It's like a mash-up of rock, pop, electronia, trip-hop, industrial, dance and everything else in between. Lead singer Shirley Manson is as fiery as ever with her authoritative vocals.

Garbage are self-releasing the album because they grew weary of the major label environment. That was a big part on why so many years have passed between 'Bleed Like Me' and 'Not Your Kind of People.'

“We were stuck with a record label who didn’t give two flying s--- about us because they couldn’t get us on the radio," said Manson. "They were totally disinterested and washed their hands of us … We were constantly surrounded by such negativity that it just ends up eating away at the individuals in the band and we began to take it out on one another. It was not a good situation.”

In a recent interview with Spin, Manson explained when the desire to reform Garbage came. She also shared the moment she knew Garbage would relinquish the spotlight after the rise of the new millennium's garage rock movement.

"I'm surprised it took us this long to want to make a record again," admits Manson. "For me, the spark came when I went to Coachella a couple of years ago. I felt like a lion in a cage. I wanted to chew through my bars. But we'd been the darlings for so long, and then suddenly we weren't. I remember hearing the White Stripes' ['White Blood Cells'] on iTunes in 2001. I clicked on it, heard 30 seconds, and bought it immediately. And then — honest to God — in my head, I was like, 'That's it. You're f---ed.' And I was right."

Listen to 'Not Your Kind of People' by Garbage