Chelsea Wolfe's fifth album Abyss is set for release on Aug. 7 via Sargent House, and ahead of that, Wolfe shared a new song from the record, a punishingly synth-heavy tune called "After The Fall," which you can listen to below.

The track follows in the brooding footsteps of "Carrion Flowers," another track from Abyss that she shared a couple weeks ago that was accompanied by a video, about which Wolfe said, "The visuals in the video allude to the drought in California and frustration about corporations being allowed to pump out all the water, destroying environments and communities, just to sell it back. While writing Abyss, I lived near where the water is piped into Los Angeles, but the lakes were dried up and the mountains were burned from fires."

Chelsea Wolfe – 'After the Fall' (Official Audio)

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