'Blood for Poppies,' a brand new Garbage song, has hit the web in its entirety. The jam is from the Shirley Manson-led band's upcoming album 'Not Your Kind of People.' It's a crunchy alt/pop/rock hybrid that's loaded with hooks that you can't escape. Essentially, it's the Garbage that we know, love and remember.

It's been seven (long) years since the band released an album, but judging from 'Blood for Poppies,' which is, in fact, poppy, they've made it well worth the wait. The song will transport you to that period in the mid'-'90s when Garbage owned alternative radio. Yes, we remember when alt rock radio was surging and Garbage were a huge part of the wave. 'Blood for Poppies' will have you feeling all sorts of nostalgic, without making you feel old -- and that's a big difference.

Sexy Shirley, easily the most famous musical redhead of the '90s, is in fine form, as she sings and offers up "Woah oahs" over a crunchy beat and a razory riff that just won't quit.

'Not Your Kind of People' is due out May 15 via the band's own label.

Listen to Garbage 'Blood for Poppies'