Iconic rock publicist Danny Fields – who worked for Elektra Records and managed the Ramones during his incredible career -- is the subject of an upcoming documentary by director Brendan Toller called ‘Danny Says.’ Throughout the making of the documentary, Fields shared some of his remarkable archives, including a recorded conversation he had with Lou Reed in November of 1975. In it, you can hear Fields introducing the Velvet Underground frontman to the Ramones for the first time, and Reed’s reaction is priceless.

“That’s without a doubt the most fantastic thing you’ve ever played me bar none,” Reed says in the recording. “I mean, it makes everybody look so f---in' wimpy, Patti Smith and me included.

“Everybody else looks like they’re really old-fashioned. That’s rock ‘n’ roll,” he continues. “They really hit where it hurts. They are everything everybody worried about; every parent would freeze in their tracks if they heard this stuff.”

You can listen to the excited conversation in full via the New York Times.

Toller hopes to debut ‘Danny Says’ at Austin's South By Southwest in March, however one person will be notably absent when it premieres -- and that’s Fields. The 75-year-old ex-publicist firmly told the New York Times that he’s “never seeing it.”

Here's a little taste of what got Reed so worked up:

The Ramones -- 'Blitzkrieg Bop' from 1977's 'It's Alive'

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