Brooklyn garage rock trio Slonk Donkerson have been making a name for themselves locally for a half-decade now and are planning to branch out with their three-year effort, an upcoming LP with the long-winded title of The Lunar Martini Motorbike Club and Their Respective Destinies.

They've shared its first track, "Build Something, Break Even," and you can listen to it via the player below, which also depicts the album's rad artwork:

The track's sound is an interesting blend of late-'70s rock that is certainly reminiscent of the Cars mixed with a bit of '90s grunge. Although that might sound like it's been done before, frontman Dylan Vandenhoeck's raspy vocals, repeating “You gotta build somethin’ to break even” over and over during the song's breakdown, are refreshingly unique. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The Lunar Martini Motorbike Club and Their Respective Destinies is due out Sept. 25 via Black Bell Records/Gigawatts Records. The band is set to play Brooklyn's Gigawatts Festival in Brooklyn this Saturday, tickets for which are still available.