Weaving a hyper-melodic style of Americana also perfectly suited for fans of indie-pop, Loves It write tunes that get stuck inside your head from the very first spin. On Oct. 29, the duo will be releasing 'All We Are,' their sophomore album, and Diffuser.fm is honored to bring you the exclusive video premiere for their summery new single, 'Wild.'

“I started writing this song at a time when I was mad at Vaughn,” says Jenny Parrott of Loves It about band mate Vaughn Walters. “So, I exaggerated some of the things he does. Then I needed his help to finish it, so he wrote some exaggerated stuff about me. Ultimately, the song is about fighting with a lover who is distant and freedom seeking, and just saying to them ‘The heck with this fighting crap, let’s just take off and conquer the world together as a team.”

The track recently premiered via Rolling Stone, and now the pair has completed a music video for the tune. “I grew up in West Virginia and was stoked to be able to make this video there,” says Walters. “We were at the White Room Ballroom in Thomas, just honky tonkin’ late-night after a gig. It was a great scene - people were riding bikes and skating and just getting down.”

Walters and Parrott loved it so much that they put up flyers, got a bunch of their buds to come down, got Walters’ sister Sarah to work up a dance routine, and just had a little party with the cameras rolling. Next came the monster trucks. “They’re right next to my folks house in Macomber,” Walters explains. “We asked if we could use their trucks in the shoot and they were cool with it. It’s gotta be one of the greatest video props going!”

The entire production was completed with a budget of $300, some food and a keg of beer.  As Parrott recalls, “By the time the keg ran out, (Director) Geoff (Hoskinson)’s battery was about done as well!”

Watch Loves It’s Video for ‘Wild’