Four-piece Danish post-punk outfit Lower have just announced the release of their brand-new EP, I'm a Lazy Son... But I'm the Only Son, and in celebration, they've unveiled its first single -- you can listen to "At the Endless Party" below:

Frontman Adrian Toubro lays down some of the most fervent vocals to come out of the modern post-punk scene in decades, with a dark edge that embraces the band's undeniable goth vibes, complimented by a wonderful piano overlay and grand notes of percussion.

If the song follows suit with their previous work, the lyrics are most likely very personal for Toubro, hence the song's intimacy. “Come on sweetheart, take me as I am / Drag me to your chamber and toss me around,” he sings. The band's Bryan Ferry-esque melodic turns and apparent intensity shifts them from their underground niche into something more relatable and easy to grasp for the everyday rock fan.

I'm a Lazy Son... But I'm the Only Son is due out on Sept. 11 on Matador Records. It serves as the band's second release on the label after putting out their most excellent debut LP, Seek Warmer Climes, in June of last year.