If you've seen Lucius live, you'll quickly do a double take and think that frontwomen Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig are twins. From their similar hairstyles and matching outfits, these Lucius co-founders can easily be confused for being sisters, and the two further play that duality in their music video for 'Tempest.'

Directed by Leblanc + Cudmore, the video looks like a dream played out into a set of scenes that look like it could be a movie -- one that doesn't make too much sense. From a child dressed in American patriotic garb singing along to the lyrics to drummer Dan Molad in a daze (but still singing) to an elderly bearded man in the kitchen.

Whether it's watching the ladies sitting at the kitchen table with a stabbed man between them to their screaming contest on the beach, this video will make leave you a bit confused. But that's probably what they were going for.