Despite the lack of pink bathing suits, tutus and water skis, punky Toronto rockers Magneta Lane evoke the spirit of the Go-Go's classic 'Vacation' clip in their brand-new video for 'Lucky,' which we're, well, lucky to premiere today.

The tune plays like something Belinda Carlisle and the gals might bash out were they getting their start today, and fittingly enough, the trio pairs the perky song with footage of a fun-filled trip to Southern California.

The video finds sisters Lexi Valentine (vocals and guitar) and Nadia King (drums) letting loose with bassist pal French, twirling their way through the desert, cruising the boardwalk, tearing through the toy aisle, burying each other in the sand and taking in the sights from atop a Ferris wheel. The goal, Valentine tells, was to capture the "vibe of the song," and they've certainly done that.

"Our last video was so dark and had a really strong message and we thought it would be fun to do something more lighthearted, simple and fun," Valentine says. "We think it's always important to find a balance in everything -- music, art, life. As much as we definitely have a strong opinion on certain things we also most definitely try to play hard and have a good time as well. After all we are young girls in our 20s."

'Lucky' appears on Magneta Lane's new 'Witchrock' EP, a collection they call their "most focused" since coming together as 15-year-olds back in 2003. Click here for info and tour dates, and if they're heading to your hometown, hope and pray some of that energy rubs off.