After recording the albums 'Afterwords' and 'Collective Soul' -- and subsequently going on hiatus in 2010 -- Collective Soul's guitarist, Dean Roland, knew he couldn't just wait around for something new to happen.

So, he joined forces with Ryan Potesta (whom he met during the recording of 'Afterwords') and formed the powerful alternative rock duo, Magnets & Ghosts. Following their 2011 debut full-length, 'Mass,' Magnets & Ghosts are getting ready to unleash their new EP, 'be born' -- and Diffuser is thrilled to bring you the first taste of what's to come: 'Drug Money' (listen below).

Opening with a gritty guitar and filtered vocals, 'Drug Money' explodes with the intensity you'd expect to find at a sweaty, loud, sold-out concert -- not captured on a studio track. "The song was inspired from playing live shows," Roland tells us. "We wanted to explore a more raw 'in your face' side of our musical selves."

He goes on about the EP as a whole: "On 'be born,' we wanted to stretch our sonic and dynamic range. Lyrically, you try to be as honest and vulnerable as possible. For us, the main topics seemed to stem from reinvention and self-discovery."

Magnets & Ghosts celebrate the release of 'be born' on Nov. 10. Get info on the new EP and stay up-to-date with everything going on with the band at their official Facebook page here.