When relationship starts to crumble, couples often wonder when and where things went wrong. The duo Manicanparty take all these questions, feelings and emotions, and wrap them up in their bittersweet new song 'Achilles Heel.'

The track unfolds over pounding drums and sparkling synths, but the song is all about a pretty rough spot in a relationship. As the song progresses, it's clear that love is no longer a part of the equation. But like in many love stories, there's a big monologue all about the emotions on display. In 'Achilles Heel,' it comes in the sweeping chorus.

Give a listen to our exclusive premiere:

The song comes from the New York (via Minnesota) duo's upcoming EP, 'The District,' which is out tomorrow. The EP takes a look at relationships too, even ones that don't steer toward the romantic.

"'The District' is really about people," the group says. "People in our lives and people that you hear about who aren't directly in your life, but that idea that we are all tied together somehow. We wanted to create this music where, when the song is over, you were suddenly inspired or motivated to do something, in whatever form that is for you. That’s the great power of music. Its universal and it's strong enough to make a change.”