Following the 2007 breakup of Spitalfield, the popular emo outfit he piloted for nearly a decade, Mark Rose did what many a suddenly-freed-up rocker has done before him: He went solo -- and took a quieter tact.

In 2011, the Chicago singer-songwriter dropped his solo debut, and earlier this year, he self-released the EP 'The Sound of a Turnaround.' As 'Georgiana,' today's free MP3, reveals, Rose has ditched the sound that landed Spitalfield on tours with Fall Out Boy and Motion City Soundtrack, among others, and gone in a strummier direction.

These days, he's somewhere between Dashboard Confessional and John Mayer, but just because he's turned down his guitar, it doesn't mean he's dialed down the emotional intensity. As Rose tells, the pared-down solo setup has led to some fairly raw self-expression.

"I wrote 'Georgiana' about a situation I felt very close to -- almost too close," Rose says. "I put the song down for a while before completing it -- and when I picked it back up, it just poured out of me. I was actually quite nervous for my friends to hear it when I finally finished it."
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