When it comes to taking a DIY approach to music, few are as successful as the Brooklyn duo of Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, better known as Matt and Kim. Released last fall, the pair's fourth studio album, 'Lightning,' has jolted the 'Daylight' hitmakers to new levels of notoriety, and last weekend at Lollapalooza 2013, the affable dance-poppers were nice enough to chat with Diffuser.fm about staying creative, doing the 'Harlem Shake' and generally being dope.

We have only one word to describe you two: Dope.

KS: Yeah! Dope needs to come back!

From your music videos to watching you perform live, you just seem to have fun no matter what.

MJ: That's been why we've always done this band and continue to do this, because it's a good time. Sometimes I watch these bands on stage, and I'm like, "Why do you look so bored?" This is actually a fun job to have.

Maybe they didn't get their green M&M's from their rider.

KS: Hey, they are supposed to make you horny.

You played at Lolla in 2010 and then DJ'd an after party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. What do people expect when you're spinning at a party?

MJ: We are not afraid to give the hits, and Kim's booty shaking.

The balance you have while doing, particularly when you're being held up by a sea of fans, is astounding.

KS: I think it's a lot of abs to really kind of hold it up.

You also have the best 'Harlem Shake' video of all time.

MJ: It was so much fun to be part of that. This video got 2 million views today, 3 million the next. We're a big fan of Baauer before those videos even happened. We have a little sampler on stage that sometimes we play tracks and jump around to. That ['Harlem Shake'] was one of the ones before that thing started.

KS: It just seemed fitting to do it.

MJ: I met Baauer a few weeks later, and he was like, "You know what? Your guys' 'Harlem Shake' was my favorite."

KS: And I told Matt, "He tells that to everybody." [laughs]

You've built upon the success of 'Daylight' with songs like 'Let's Go,' which is used in Verizon Wireless ads, and 'It's Alright.' How does it feel to soak it all in again?

MJ: We’ve been so lucky to make no expectations for us ever. We just always love making music. That’s why we started and that’s why we continue. And we've just been lucky to have things just keep on moving on up. People can go on the website for Lollapalooza and RSVP for a set and add it to their calendar. We had something like 25,000 RSVP’s to our set. That was more than certain bands that were closing the main stage. I was just excited to see so many people excited to see us at this festival that I love.

Artists can't forget that this is a business. Matt and Kim are a brand. How do you stay creative in the new media age?

KS: I think it’s because you always want to be doing something crazier than you’ve done. But I think Matt has been killing it at coming up with ideas that are crazier and ideas that you could tell someone, "Oh did you see this ‘It’s Alright’ video from Matt and Kim? They dance in bed with hardly any clothes on." Like, I want to see that!

Watch Matt and Kim's 'It's Alright'

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