The leading songwriter for the Crash Bandits gets personal on this little-known solo project. Matt Brown was in a confusing place after his brainchild Skies Alive disbanded in the Summer of 2011, but he knew he needed to keep writing no matter the status of his co-conspirators.

"'Lie To Me' was the first song I ever wrote that wasn't a Skies [Alive] song," Brown says of the single. "I guess I was in a weird place with music and relationships. So that's why it's kind of a 'hater' song [laughs]."

A perfect and necessary step in Brown's musical evolution, the 'Give It Up' EP provided him with an outlet in between outlets, when he thought there wasn't one to be had. The honesty in his lyrics and melodies show the young writer in brand new territory, exploring a treacherous channel. But in the process, he realizes independence and a level of autonomy he'd never before accessed as a musician. Stylistically, it carries rockier pop undertones, obviously trickled down from his former group, along with a hint of what was to come next for Brown.

Soon after the release of 'Give It Up,' he landed as the frontman for the Crash Bandits, an ideally juvenile basement-punk-meets-pop trio. You can keep up with his growing catalog and exploits here.

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