You might not know Christie and Collin DuPree of Merriment yet, but chances are you’re already familiar with four of their older siblings who are all members of indie-pop group, Eisley.  “I think I was 13 or 14 when I first started trying to write songs, I would just open up Garageband and record myself making up melodies and such. Then after a while I asked one of my sisters to show me a few chords on guitar, and started writing songs that way,” says Merriment vocalist/guitarist Christie.

Having toured alongside Eisley since they were young kids, and opening for them as Merriment more recently, the duo released an EP called ‘Through the Rough’ earlier this year, and are set to drop a 2-song digital single tomorrow, Nov. 26.

Today, is presenting the exclusive premiere of ‘Nothing to Lose,’ one of the 2 new songs included in the digital single which will be released by the folks at Rory Records/Equal Vision. "I wrote this song on an acoustic guitar in my room last summer (Summer '12) and it's basically about how when you're in a relationship, sometimes you can find yourself being so selfish without realizing it at first, and how that can end up costing you yourself and your happiness," Christie says about 'Nothing to Lose.'

"It's so easy to lose yourself in selfishness at times and forget that the whole point of love is to die to yourself for that other person. It's basically about realizing your mistakes and making things right before it's too late and not taking for granted the second chances we are given in life. This song was also a fun one to record...we had a lot of laughs during the recording of Collin's guitar parts, because we couldn't agree on what he was playing, so he kept playing these really terrible joke guitar riffs while he was working on the real part. Everything finally came together and we all were in agreement in the end but it got pretty silly in there for a while!"

Check out the track and look out for Merriment  on tour this winter opening for Max Bemis (Say Anything), Matt Pryor (Get Up Kids), Perma, and Sherri Bemis (Eisley). Tour dates can be found here.