Earlier this year, British singer-songwriter Conrad Lambert, aka Merz, released ‘No Compass Will Find Home,’ his fourth studio album. Produced by Matthew Herbert (John Cale, Bjork) and issued through his Accidental Records label, the record features Lambert’s unique brand of electronic-tinged folk -- a sound that inspired the Guardian’s Ally Carnwarth to call Merz “a consistently thoughtful songwriter" and declare the LP "an exhilarating blast of ideas as well as heady Alpine air.”

Merz recently handed over all of the stem tracks from ‘No Compass Will Find Home’ to Swiss musician Julian Sartorius, and on Nov. 18, the ‘Drum & Vocal Renditions’ will arrive in stores, offering fans a reimagining of the original album.

Diffuser.fm got its hands on ‘Our Airman Lost,’ one of the cuts off the upcoming album. It features a glitchy, unnerving bed of percussion, and Merz’ vocal tracks are punched in with the same kind of urgency as the commotion going down beneath them. Don’t get it twisted: This is much more than just another one of those throwaway remixes we all get bombarded with on a weekly basis.