The 20th anniversary of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence's death will be marked by the release of his final recordings.

Noise11 reports that the project has been a long-running pursuit by tech entrepreneur Ron Creevey, whose Helipad Records will apparently release the new LP. The songs were finished by producer Danny Saber, who was behind the boards for the sessions and was also involved in completing Hutchence's posthumously released 1999 solo album.

"For Michael these recordings were to be the start of his solo career and his break from INXS," said Creevey. "They were done with Danny Saber and totally independent of anyone involved with the band. Had he not died, we would be looking back today at these recordings as classic Michael."

The report adds that "two massive listening sessions" are planned for the first single from the record, titled "Temptation" and planned for release in January. It's just the start of what's described as "a year of remembrance" for Hutchence, whose untimely passing will mark its 20th anniversary next November. Creevey and Saber also reportedly intend to release a documentary focusing on the singer's final years, which is set to feature "never-before seen footage" and bears the stamp of Hutchence's family's approval.

"The 20th anniversary is the right time to let the world hear Michael’s last songs," said Creevey. "These are the last songs of Michael. The family has heard the music. Now is the time for the rest of the world to hear it as well."

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