There's embracing the digital age we live in, and then there's really embracing the digital age we live in. Former R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe isn't running from technology or the Internet, as some more established acts have. He's all about it, and as such, he's serving on a Selection Council that will judge GIF submissions in a digital arts festival dubbed 'Moving the Still.'

According to a post on the now-defunct band's website, this festival is the first large-scale, open-call event for original GIF art. It looks at GIFs as legit and credible works of art, as opposed to visuals that makes us laugh when we goof off on the web at work.

Submissions are open and will be published on a rolling basis from now through Nov. 7, culminating in a live exhibition during Miami Art Week 2012. Stipe and the esteemed panel of judges will work in concert to select their favorite animated GIFs. Other notable people on the council include Nicola Formichetti, who is a member of Lady Gaga's style team Haus of Gaga, and fashion design duo Rodarte. So Stipe is in some pretty swank company.

Want to see some of Stipe's own GIFs? Well, it's your lucky day, as those are viewable here.

As Stipe immerses himself in the digital domain, he's not the only R.E.M. member keeping busy. Guitarist Peter Buck released a solo album earlier this month.