Singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked has released an album filled with silence. Yes, the indie folk artist -- who stirred some controversy a while back because of her anti-gay marriage stance -- has put out 11 new songs with no music, no words, no nothing.

As Billboard notes, the tracks on the album, 'Inaudible Women,' are named mostly after digital-music executives. So we're guessing this is all a form of protest or something. One of the cuts also is named after a writer who wrote about Shocked’s anti-gay comments.

Most of the songs are less than a minute long. Shocked explains the record, which she claims can be heard by dogs, in a video that's totally bonkers. You can watch it here.

In the video, Shock says, “I decided that I was going to make a high album. In fact, the highest album ever made, just so that my friends Spot and Rex can hear it, not audible to human ears. And to raise money for my fall tour.”

'Inaudible Women' includes tracks titled after execs associated with digital music outlets like Clear Channel and SiriusXM. We're guessing that even Shocked's most devoted fans will think twice about spending their hard-earned cash for endless minutes of silence.

Last year, Shocked angered (and, well, shocked) fans when she launched an onstage rant that appeared to be homophobic. She later issued a statement that claimed she was misinterpreted, but the damage had been done: She was forced to cancel most of the dates on her current tour.