Midnight Faces’ Matthew Warn and Philip Stancil join seemingly divergent influences to make rootsy rock on gloomy backdrops. Warn creates the murkier waters of Midnight Faces’ songs, a la the Cure and New Order, and combined with the classic rock styling of Stancil’s vocals, it leads this duo into fresh sonic terrain.

Today, Diffuser.fm is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of ‘Fornication,’ the title track from Midnight Faces’ debut album. While Stancil’s vocals contrast Warn’s soundscape, the singer admits that he, too, had to go to a dark headspace when it came to write the LP’s lead single.

“I wanted to paint a picture of despair,” Stancil tells Diffuser.fm. “I headed to the dark side for this.”

Despite having to succumb to the “dark side” when writing ‘Fornication,’ Stancil says the song is a good introduction for listeners new to the twosome’s work.

“It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks to sing,” he adds. “Any time I want to quickly play someone a sample of our music, I play them this song.”

Stream the track below, and if you like what you hear, go ahead and snag a free download. To hear more Midnight Faces, check out ‘Fornication,' out now via Broken Factory Records.

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