To the most ardent fans of Seattle's Minus the Bear, it's a crime that the prog-influenced five-piece ever record songs that don't wind up on official releases.

That's why the upcoming 'Lost Loves' is sure to please. Featuring 10 songs that didn't make it onto any of the band's last three full-lengths -- 2007’s 'Planet of Ice,' 2010’s 'Omni' and 2012’s 'Infinity Overhead' -- the rarities compilation could almost double as a brand new album.

Bassist Cory Murchy said, "Inevitably some of your favorite songs are going to be cut in the necessity of creating the right sequence for that particular time. Regardless of the reason they weren’t included, it wasn’t for lack of love and appreciation of the songs themselves.”

The A.V. Club premiered a stream of 'The Lucky Ones,' recorded during the 'Infinity Overhead' sessions. Check it out below and look for the album on Oct. 7.