They call their sound "beach grunge," and indeed, the Montauk Project are black-hole sunbathers -- Soundgarden-loving doom-groove merchants with classic-rock chops and a willingness to sing words like "You can only approach the beast when your heart is free from sin." That's the key line in new song 'The Beast,' premiering today on Diffuser. Give it a listen below.

'The Beast' appears on the Long Island foursome's forthcoming debut album, 'Belly of the Beast,' the follow-up to a self-titled EP they dropped in 2012.

In a press release, the band describes 'The Beast' as "a grungy, metaphorical epic that depicts struggles with drug addiction as a fisherman's quest to kill a mythological monster." It ain't exactly beach-volleyball music, but hey, it's the middle of winter, a time for indoor brooding and maybe, just maybe, a little air guitar.

Watch for 'Belly of the Beast' in March and keep up with the fellas here.