Experimental rock outfit Moonstone Continuum hail from the great state of Minnesota, which has spawned such folk, pop, punk-rock and alt-country gods as Bob Dylan, Prince, the Replacements (newly reunited) and the Jayhawks. There must be something in that Minne-soda.

The Minneapolis sextet -- as in six sexy people in one band -- brings a sound that pays a heavy homage to glorious synth-laden '80s pop (watch out, Prince) and '70s soft-rock. When rolled together, those seemingly disparate sounds hit like cannonballs shot from a musical love cannon -- take our word for it.

The single ‘Hors D’oeuvres,’ from Moonstone Continuum's recently released album ‘Salon Edition,’ has all the trappings of a romantic moment -- and the band does its best Lonely Island impression to get the point across. Diffuser.fm has the exclusive video premiere, so scroll down and be the first guy or gal on the block to watch it.

Watch Moonstone Continuum's Video for ‘Hors D’oeuvres’