Time for another round of 'Morrissey or Taylor Swift?,' in which we pit the lyrics of the mopey alt-rock god against the lyrics of pop's reigning princess. Frankly, we really don't see much of a difference sometimes.

We think today's challenge is one of toughest we've presented. On the surface, it seems pretty clear, right? Morrissey probably doesn't have any old friends (didn't he burn all those bridges years ago?), and if he did, he certainly doesn't seem like the type who'd embrace them in a big ol' bear hug. So it's gotta be Taylor Swift, right? Not so fast. She's only 23, so how many "old friends" could she possibly have? And we've heard about the intimacy issues she has, so we're not so sure she's all that into fond embraces either.

Think twice about this one. Do you know who wrote these lyrics? Take a guess, and then click the button below to find out if you're right.

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