Washington-based songwriter and producer Phil Elverum has just premiered the new video from the forthcoming album from Mount Eerie. The video is for the song 'This,' and will appear on the new Mount Eerie album 'Sauna', which is due for release on Feb. 3 via P.W. Elverum & Sun.

"'This' is about reading a book about another time and place -- the medieval North Sea, for example," Elverum told NPR, "and becoming totally transported by the torrent of abstract associations and images, 'traveling mentally wild.' And then coming back to the present moment, the 'this' of the title."

You can watch the somewhat David Lynch-like video above. "The song and the video are seemingly surreal and ambiguous," he adds, "but actually it is an attempt at a straight-up accurate depiction of this every-moment mental experience."

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