Grunge veterans Mudhoney will issue their ninth full-length, 'Vanishing Point,' on April 2, and the band is now offering up a stream of one of the album's tracks, 'The Only Son of the Widow From Nain.' The tune is an updated version of 'The Widow of Nain' -- considered "one of the most powerful of the Gospel stories about Jesus" -- with the band's trademarked fuzzy and fearsome take on bluesy punk offering an amusingly blunt angle of approach to the tale.

April 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of both Mudhoney and SubPop records, and we have to admit it's a pretty cool thing the label is celebrating the milestone with yet another record from its flagship band. Listen up, kids: This is the sound of real Christian rock! Or something like that.

Listen to Mudhoney's 'The Only Son of the Widow from Nain'


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