Do you remember the very first tweet you ever wrote? Well, you can now find out using Twitter's new First Tweets feature, which the company rolled out to mark its eighth birthday. And now that you've searched what you first tweeted about, what did your favorite artist send out to the Twitterverse?

From Courtney Love's uncensored comments that led to an online war to Black Key Patrick Carney's musings about his favorite (and not-so-favorite) artists, some of our favorite musicians have taken Twitter to a whole new level of artist-to-fan communication ... and generated a whole lotta web fodder to distract us during the day.

Check out 50 of our favorite bands and musicians' first steps into the social-media network. Some are your basic band announcements, while some make no sense at all (hello, Real Estate!). Either way, this is what Twitter looked like the first time these rockers clicked "send."