Podcasts are like the 'zines of the 21st century. With audio production software even more common these days than Xerox machines and Kinkos were in the '80s and the '90s, music lovers have taken the DIY, cut-and-paste, collage-style approach once used to produce music-centric punk and indie magazines and updated it for the digital-audio age. The result is countless musicians, journalists and just music lovers -- known and unknown -- producing podcasts for your listening pleasure. These programs typically feature interviews, discussions, reviews and, of course, tons of music. We here at Diffuser.fm are avid listeners, and here, we highlight some of our favorites: 5 Must-Hear Rock 'n' Roll Podcasts.

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    Radio Like You Want

    For fans of punk, metal and garage rock, radiolikeyouwant.com definitely lives up to its name. Hosted by Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia and Mike Routhier, formerly of Neat Neat Noise, a now-defunct podcast that was broadcast weekly on Pirate Cat Radio out of San Francisco, RLYW features a selection killer tunes (including obscure tracks, live cuts and rarities) and interviews with up-and-comers (Pig Destoyer), icons (Jello Biafra and the Sex Pistols' Glen Matlock, pictured left) and various weirdos and miscreants in between. The weekly "Estrogen OD" segment even offers something "for the ladies."

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    Music Weekly

    For a decidedly British take on things, tune in to the Guardian's Music Weekly, a (you guessed it) weekly podcast hosted by head Guardian rock and pop critic Alexis Petridis. He's joined by a variety of guests, including fellow music critics from the Guardian and the Observer, and the show features interviews, discussions, "Singles Club" roundtables about new music and much more. Episodes sometimes begin with broad themes and then get into the nitty-gritty of what's going on in the world of music -- everything from Alt-J's Mercury Prize win to the latest single from ZZ Top, plus Afropop, South American rock and other global goings-on.

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    Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World

    Mods needn't feel left out from the podcast nation, thanks to the Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World, which bills itself as "the web's original modcast celebrating the music of the mod lifestyle, as well as mod-influenced music from past eras." Mod standards like Paul Weller (pictures left) get plenty of airtime, but the playlist spans everything from power-pop and rock to soul, ska, acid jazz and lounge. That eclecticism, Mr. Suave admits, is something "many narrow-minded people, mods and others, will look at ... and dismiss it as not truly 'mod.'" His response: "So be it."

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    Sound Opinions

    'Siskel and Ebert' for music nerds, Sound Opinions features music journalists Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, who, like Siskel and Ebert, wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, respectively. Theirs is a weekly podcast -- and public radio show -- that touches on all aspects popular music. Recent shows have centered on soul legend James Brown, garage rocker Ty Segall, reggae survivor Jimmy Cliff and the shoegaze genre. The show is known for its first-rate musical guests, and over the years, such indie luminaries as Pavement's Stephen Malkmus and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor (pictured) have stopped in for chats.

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    The Ledge

    The selling point behind weekly podcast The Ledge is quite simple: "A lifelong music collector, Scott Hudson brings his years of expertise as he babbles about some of the newest indie rock bands." We're not totally sure who Hudson is, to be honest, but that's not important. What matters is that has an impressive record collection, is obviously obsessed with music and, in our minds, has some stellar taste. Hudson recently celebrated his 100th episode by playing nothing but his all-time favorites: Husker Du, the Replacements (pictured), the Damned, et al. Check out his back catalog here.