Mutemath have a knack for making eye-catching videos, as evidenced by their time-lapsed video for 'Blood Pressure' and the in-reverse promo for 'Typical.' This time around, the group relies on yet another visual effect to draw the viewer in, frequently using the mirrored image and some bright lighting to showcase their performance for the song 'Prytania.

The clip is essentially a performance piece with a visual twist, but was probably less time consuming than the work they went through to complete the 'Blood Pressure' video.

In 'Prytania,' each of the band members are set in a pitch black room only illuminated by the hues of blues, reds, yellows, and greens, making it somewhat reminiscent of late '60s psychedelia.

As for the song itself, the video shows the energy that goes into Mutemath's performances. Singer Paul Meany is reaching the highest range of his voice when singing 'Prytania / You're looking like a loaded gun,' while drummer Darren King is showcasing his typical frenetic pounding of the drums in delivering the song's tribal beat.

'Prytania' follows 'Blood Pressure,' 'Odd Soul,' and 'Allies' off the band's 2011 release, 'Odd Soul.' To see 'Prytania' in the live setting, check out Mutemath opening the Honda Civic Tour this summer, which features headliners Linkin Park and Incubus.

Watch the MuteMath 'Prytania' Video