The story of My Name Is You is the stuff of fairy tales. Brandon & Anne became friends while studying at the same college in Southern California. Their paths diverged at graduation, when Brandon undertook the normal duties of an ambitious independent musician; he co-produced Greg Laswell's release 'Three Flights From Alto Nido' and toured with the likes of Joshua Radin, Cary Brothers and Ingrid Michaelson. Thus far, not a bad resume.

Meanwhile, Anne was teaching music in Kenya and moonlighting in an orphanage. And don't be surprised if you read that line at the same time you're listening to their song 'We're Alive' and start getting all emotional.

A few years later, Brandon was touring across Europe while Anne was living in Scotland. They had both been tending to their crafts in each other's post-collegiate absence, and they thought that pooling their material might lead to something pretty great.

The fall of 2011 saw the duo release their first EP, an opulent pool of whirling orchestral arrangements behind Anne's delicate, desperately genuine indie-pop. These songs are filled with the kind of heartfelt lyrics that could only come from a spirit that spent years giving the gift of music to underprivileged children in another country.

"We're My Name is You, and this song, 'We're Alive,' is about realizing that, despite all the crazy stuff that can happen on any given day, every day on this earth is a miracle," Brandon told Diffuser.

Good message. Follow the band here.

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