Indie electronica act Neon Indian is actually the work of one man -- Alan Palomo -- but when he hits the stage, he's backed by a trio of fashionable young things who turn his one-man digital dance jams into a tribal gathering of the electro-vibes. With drummer Jason Faries, keyboardist-vocalist Leanne Macomber and live visuals producer Lars Larsen helping hold down the fort (teepee?) at Coachella, Palomo could do know wrong.

We can't seem to track down the band's full set, but witness below the electro-lushness of 'Polish Girl' off last year's steller 'Era Extraña.' With excessive wind bursts practically blowing their set list off the stage -- you can practically feel air rolling past just sitting in front of the computer -- the band brings an energy to the performance unmatched by many peers. Unfortunately it's just a partial clip (we looking for a longer one!) but it still mangages to convey the infectious vibe of a Neon Indian performance.

Watch Neon Indian Perform 'Polish Girl' (Partial Clip) at Coachella

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