Today (Dec. 17), Diffuser is thrilled to help Brooklyn alt rockers Newborn prep for the release of their debut EP, ‘Broken Virgo.’ The self-recorded EP will hit the streets on Feb. 10, and you can check out the brand-new track, ‘Uma,’ in the audio player below.

Newborn are known for their DIY ethos and strict focus on bringing back unsullied rock and roll; that mission is expertly captured in 'Uma,' a song about lost love (sort of).

“Last year on Halloween, we played a show at Lulu’s in Brooklyn,” frontman Allen James tells us. “Just minutes before our set, I happened to meet a girl who I felt this really strong connection to. We spoke briefly and I told her I was playing next, hoping she would stay to watch the show. After our performance I went to look for her but she was gone and had left with another guy. That night I came home and stayed up until the morning, writing a song about her. I didn’t know her name, but she was dressed up as Uma Thurman’s character from Pulp Fiction.”

James goes on, “Out of all our recording on the new EP, this one is my favorite because we really managed to capture the soul of the song. There is a part near the end, the last note of the outré solo that fades out with a ghostly vibrato, that actually happened accidentally. During a take, I was holding that last note when the soundboard glitched and produced this chilling sound. We all jumped out of our chairs and were like, ‘Yes! Keep that!.’ So, that’s the ghostly wail you hear on the recording -- no effect pedals, no tremolo, just an incredibly beautiful recording malfunction.”

Newborn have one show left to wrap up 2014. They’ll be rocking the Bowery Electric in New York City -- get details on the show at this location.