Oasis are ramping up for the Oct. 7 reissue of 1997’s Be Here Now by previewing another bonus track from the super deluxe edition. Instead of streaming it, they’re allowing fans to download an mp3 of the demo of “Going Nowhere.”

You can get a copy here. Simply agree to the terms and conditions and the process will begin. The studio version of “Going Nowhere” was the b-side of “Stand by Me,” and found a home on 1998’s The Masterplan compilation. In the new box set, the demo is paired with the demo of the a-side on a 7” single.

In addition to the single, the super deluxe edition contains a remastered version of the original album, a disc of b-sides and other rarities and a third disc of demos by Noel Gallagher that he recorded on the Caribbean island of Mustique with producer Owen Morris. The collection also includes a 52-page hardcover book with photos and essays, a two-LP 180-gram vinyl copy of the album, a 12” white label sampler of the Mustique demos, a 12"x12" art print, four postcards and an embossed keychain.

Prior to the release of the “Going Nowhere” demo, two other previously unreleased songs from the box have been aired: a new mix of  “D’You Know What I Mean?” that was made earlier this year by Noel Gallagher that accompanied the news of the album and a live version of “My Big Mouth” that was recorded during one of their 1996 concerts at Knebworth.

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