An "electronic tribal dance party" is what Okapi Sun call their fusion of electro and rock 'n' roll, and isn't going to argue with the description. Comprised of musicians Leo and Dallas (no last names given/needed), the San Diego-based duo first met in a London train station and have been traveling throughout Europe and the U.S., soaking in different musical scenes, cultures and personal experiences, for the past year.

Okapi Sun's forthcoming debut album, 'Techno Prisoner,' captures the duo's eclectic, dance floor-ready sound. Fans of Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira should definitely take notice of these ladies. Today, is bringing you the exclusive premiere of 'Johnny Kiss,' the first single from 'Techno Prisoner.'

"When we wrote the songs, we really just wanted to have fun being creative writing and experimenting with different instruments and vocoders," Leo and Dallas said about the track. "It was something new for us to use effects on our voices like a guitar player uses effects on a guitar and it was fun to come up with drum loops and interesting sounds on our synthesizers."

'Techno Prisoner' hits stores on Phaedra Records on April 29.