Yielding to public pressure from citizens, the France 2 broadcast network has tabled plans to air a TV movie whose story is set against the backdrop of the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people in Paris on Nov. 13, 2015.

Those deaths, many of which occurred during an Eagles of Death Metal concert taking place at the city's Bataclan club, weren't the focus of the film; instead, as Deadline reports, it's a love story that uses the violence as part of its narrative. Unsurprisingly, a number of people thought this decision was in poor taste — among them Claire Peltier, who lost her partner David, the father of their two children, in the attack.

"This project shocks and wounds us," Peltier was quoted as saying. "We are scandalized that such a film could see the light of day so soon after such a violent event ... Two years on our wounds are still wide open, our grief immense, our lives destroyed."

In response, Peltier spearheaded an online petition to get France 2 to reconsider — an effort that, as Deadline's report outlines, was ultimately successful. Without canceling the project outright, the network has announced its intent to postpone the broadcast out of concern for the survivors.

"The film, which is still being edited, has not been seen by the channel’s management," said the network in a public statement. "France 2 has made the decision to postpone this project until the production has widely consulted all victims’ associations."

While those who sought to gain the network's attention may applaud the decision, it's worth noting that the film may yet reach the airwaves. As a network rep explained when the controversy erupted, the intent was never to treat the tragedy with poor taste — and they still feel it's important to use art to process real-life events, no matter how painful.

"The idea is not at all to be a voyeur or anything like that, on the attacks, not at all," said Fanny Rondeau, the network's head of fiction. "I think we mustn’t have taboos ... It’s a way of talking about our world today."

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