It wasn't too long ago that we had the privilege to premiere Patrick Dennis' music video for "Kissing the Beast," so needless to say, we're beyond ecstatic to give fans the chance to hear his new record, Fürst in the Dirtin its entirety before it hits the streets tomorrow, June 19 -- take the album for a spin in the audio player below.

“Circumstances weren’t necessarily easy when we made this record,” Dennis tells us. “My personal and professional life was up in the air, but everything about being there at Playground in Nashville made it easy to just shut all of that out and go spelunking for tunes. It was an open and inspired place to be. You can hear it in the record. That’s joy. Joy at being able to make this noise again after leaving two bands and going broke, that there was no agenda or expectation to have anyone even hear these songs. Doing it truly for yourself? Now, that’s freedom. Sure, there’s anger scattered in there and there’s humor hidden all over the place but there’s also my excitement at just still being here, alive and loving life, surrounded by talented friends making noise again.”

As you listen to Dennis’ music, it’s easy to hear several different influences throughout. “I get bored easily and I really hate genres,” he admits. “We’re all human beings with changing moods. Somedays I want to play the Misfits loud. Sometimes I just want to groove out with Curtis Mayfield, or listen to Lucinda Williams. I grew up listening to Bob Dylan, Husker Du and Billie Holiday, so my musical interest has always been all over the map.”

Dennis tells us that those varied interests aren’t unique to him. “The other guys on the record are the same, so when we made Fürst in the Dirt, we all did what came naturally,” he explains. “What you get is a roller coaster of emotions vining with how I see life. That’s the common thread. And because of that, it sounds like a complete record. An A&R guy would have had a fit trying to focus us into some box, but we made a record of songs that really belong together. And I love that.”

We love it, too. Fürst in the Dirt hits the streets tomorrow, June 19, and will be available on iTunes as well as a very special and limited vinyl pressing on pink wax. You can grab details on the record here, and make sure to check out Dennis’ official website to stay up-to-date with everything happening in his world (including a a gig with John Doe and Jesse Dayton at the Casbah in San Diego on June 27).