Macca and Yeezus are reportedly working on a secret album that isn't so secret anymore.

The New York Post reports that living legend Sir Paul McCartney and hip-hop royalty Kanye West have been recording tracks together that "could develop into an album." One alleged song title in particular, 'Piss On My Grave,' reportedly makes West's wife Kim Kardashian feel particularly uncomfortable.

So is this really a possibility? Here's a loose connection: McCartney told the Mirror last year that he'd been considering a collaboration with a rapper and West was spotted at McCartney's show in Los Angeles last week.

Whether or not that means we'll hear anything from the possible team -- or if there is even a team -- is still up in the air, but at the very least, this could make fore a pretty solid sitcom.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time McCartney has jammed with more contemporary icons: he also played with the remaining members of Nirvana at the Concert for Sandy Relief in 2012. Check it out below.

Paul McCartney and Nirvana Perform 'Cut Me Some Slack'

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